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Case www.eazy-print.co.uk

May 10, 2016
Website https://www.eazy-print.co.uk/
Language English
Domain age 2 years
Industry Services
Region of promotion United Kingdom
Theme Flyer & Banner Printing

Growth of the website positions in the google.co.uk search engine.


Eazy Print Company offers a wide range of flyer, banner and roller printing products with a free delivery in the UK

eazy-print.co.uk (google.co.uk) May 10, 2016 January 31, 2018
1 www eazy-print co uk 24 1 +23
2 Flyer Printing Eastleigh 46 1 +45
3 Flyer Printing in Eastleigh 44 1 +43
4 Banner Printing Eastleigh 54 1 +53
5 Brochure Printing Eastleigh 42 1 +41
6 Roller Banners Eastleigh 35 3 +32
7 roller banner design online 92 5 +87
8 24 hour banner printing uk 98 12 +86
9 pvc banner design 83 14 +69
10 pvc outdoor banners 80 26 +54

Semalt Expert opinion

Evaluation of a website promotion within the Auto SEO campaign.

Yana Shafarenko - Product Marketing Manager

Quite often, a website with an attractive design does not get much visitors. In 90% of these cases, it means that the website is not optimized and lacks so called link juice. Our client’s website has also fallen victim to this situation. Regardless of an appealing design, the website had weak positions in SERP.

AutoSEO can easily fix it. Building link juice is necessary to help the website get desired positions within the competitive printing services niche. This is exactly what we did. Using the keywords that were considered a priority by the client (screen1), we created a set of queries and started placing backlinks to niche-related websites.

FYI: According to a certain pattern if your website is in the TOP, but its design leaves a lot to be desired, the user will not linger on it and will never be converted to a client. In addition, there is the opposite case: your attractive website will remain unnoticed, because users cannot find it in search results. Therefore, it is crucial to create an attractive website layout, convenient navigation and then proceed to the internal optimization to let your clients literally see the best of your web source.

With attractive design in place, our priority was to increase Google visibility with the help of authority referencing sources. Let’s see, whether this strategy worked out. In 5 months of link campaign, we managed to increase website visibility by over 68% (screen2), because the website positions for the main user queries have grown (screen3). Over 2000 backlinks we placed to relevant web sources helped us to move more than 100 targeted keywords (screen4) to the TOP, positively affecting website popularity.

This project proves that a range of factors precedes conversion from visitor to client. To become a website client, the users must:

- Be easily able to find your website by their query;

- Be pleasantly impressed by the design of the website they chose for making a purchase.

Therefore, an attractive design is not enough. The efforts of your web designer must be visible both to users and search engines. Ask yourself: will a prospective client be able to find your web source among hundreds of others on the first page of search results? Think about it: how can you evaluate a website if you cannot even find it in a search engine?

Get an advantage over other websites within AutoSEO.

Let’s launch an effective AutoSEO campaign that will help you attract
more clients and get more orders


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