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Case www.felgenkonfigurator.info

November 17, 2015
Website https://www.felgenkonfigurator.info/
Language German
Domain age 6 years
Industry Services
Region of promotion Germany
Theme Tires & Wheels Prices Comparing

Growth of the website positions in the google.de search engine.


Felgen Konfigurator is an online service that allows to find fitting tires and wheel webs for any specific automobile model and compare the prices offered by various online shops in Germany

felgenkonfigurator.info (google.de) November 17, 2015 April 21, 2018
1 vw felgenkonfigurator 5 1 +4
2 bmw felgen konfigurator 6 2 +4
3 bmw felgenkonfigurator 6 2 +4
4 felgenkonfigurator bmw 4 2 +2
5 volvo felgen konfigurator 11 2 +9
6 alufelgen suche 30 6 +24
7 alufelgenkonfigurator 9 7 +2
8 felgenkonfigurator goodyear 25 7 +18
9 passende felgen finden 18 7 +11
10 alukompletträder 19 9 +10

Semalt Expert opinion

Evaluation of a website promotion within the Auto SEO campaign.

Yana Shafarenko - Product Marketing Manager

Usually clients use the AutoSEO promotion package to improve the rankings for queries, which are the most popular among users, and, accordingly, increase the visitor inflow. The www.felgenkonfigurator.info was not an exception.

First, our experts selected the necessary set of the most popular and relevant user queries (screen1). Then, they started the link promotion.

With such competitive subject, the link juice growth directly affects the website’s rankings in search results. More relevant backlinks mean higher web source prestige. The more visited sources link your web portal, the more trustworthy it becomes for users and search engines.

In 10 months of AutoSEO our system has built over 1200 links on donor websites of our partner network. The link juice created by the AutoSEO promotion allowed the client’s website to enter the first page of search results for over 220 targeted keywords (screen2).

The main keywords which did not rank in search results at all, now have also entered Google TOP (screen3), considerably improving website’s visibility (screen4).

This project proves that a successful SEO campaign takes time. You would probably agree that it is impossible to get an immediate breakthrough even if you have a good budget. This is the truth for any industry, including search engine optimization. SEO is a long-term marketing strategy, not a quick trick to get top results. However, if you invest in it and give us time, all effort put into your website’s optimization will be the best help for your business promotion.

Let’s launch an effective AutoSEO campaign that will help you attract
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