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Case www.leportagesalarial.eu

October 29, 2016
Website https://www.leportagesalarial.eu/
Language French
Domain age 3 years
Industry Services
Region of promotion France
Theme Tax optimization

Growth of the website positions in the search engine.


The Leportagesalarial company offers tax optimization for enterprises and is specialized in tax planning solutions.

Semalt Expert opinion

Evaluation of a website promotion within the Auto SEO campaign.

Yana Shafarenko - Product Marketing Manager

Aiming to get more organic users to the website, the client employed the assistance of AutoSEO promotion. It is not a secret to anybody that it is crucial for small businesses that are only making their first steps to distribute their resources with great rationality and reduce their expenses as much as possible. Such businesses are the main consumers of tax optimization services and, accordingly, the main target of our promotion.

After researching this niche, our experts have created a set of keywords most frequently entered into the search bar by prospective visitors and used it as the foundation for backlink placement.

We would like to remind, that the more link weight the website has and the more high-quality sources reference it, the better rating it gets from search engines. Moreover, it is important to remember about the internal website optimization. Due to internal errors, the web source may get poor visibility in search results and will not be comprehensible to users. To prevent this, our experts fixed internal errors and added a unique SEO text (screen1).

FYI: The presence of unique SEO text on the website serves several useful purposes:

- It is highly valued by search engines that, in return, move the website to TOP search results.

- The text informs your prospective clients about products/services and positively affects their loyalty to the company.

Thanks to the error fixing and the link juice building (screen2), the first positive results of AutoSEO have shown themselves in a month: over 15 client-generating keywords are now ranking on the first page of search results (screen3), over 800 high-quality backlinks have increased the website’s authority, enabling it to be a worthy competitor in the niche.

The future belongs to the Internet – you have probably heard this phrase more than once and we can agree with this statement. Just like offline businesses, any online business requires a considerable amount of attention, a huge part of which revolves around SEO optimization. For that reason, we have all assets we need to make your online business successful and profitable.

Let’s launch an effective AutoSEO campaign that will help you attract
more clients and get more orders


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