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December 4, 2017
Website http://eroticobsession.com/
Language English
Domain age 1 year
Industry Adult entertainment
Region of promotion Worldwide
Theme Erotic Videos

Growth of the website positions in the google.com search engine.


Erotic Obsession is a website that uploads HD erotic videos

eroticobsession.com (google.com) December 4, 2017 April 22, 2018
1 alexa tomas spanish heat 8 1 +7
2 best erotic video site 49 1 +48
3 frolicme breakfast briefing 4 1 +3
4 leila double penetration 4 1 +3
5 x-art free hd video 12 1 +11
6 art erotica videos 62 1 +61
7 x art erotic porn 7 1 +6
8 x art free full videos 12 1 +11
9 x art free preview 2 1 +1
10 eroticobsession com 2 1 +1

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Yana Shafarenko - Product Marketing Manager

Wishing to attract more users and get more TOP rankings for the priority keywords (screen1), the client purchased an AutoSEO promotion package. In the beginning of the AutoSEO campaign, the website did not have any positions for these traffic-generating queries, thus losing its target audience.

FYI: As the context advertisement is forbidden in the erotic video niche, improving positions in organic SERP is the only solution for attracting visitors.

The promotion of adult-themed subject requires relevant referencing sources just like any other projects. Our affiliate network has the necessary amount of the websites on the similar subject in various domain zones. After our experts had expanded the set of queries, we commenced the links placement. Also, we edited meta tags, hid the non-informative pages and wrote unique SEO texts that contained priority keywords.

In a half of a year, the link campaign has brought brilliant results: the keywords that did not rank in search results at all can now be seen on the first page of search results, gathering targeted visitors (screen2). The first page now features over 800 targeted keywords (screens3), while the website visibility has increased by more than 18% (screen4).

If you are an adult-themed website owner – whether it is a sex shop or an erotic video portal – you have two options: either wait for several years until your website gets positions by itself (and it won’t be the first page) or invest into its development with the help of SEO promotion. It is well known that time is money. You don’t have to lose neither the first not the latter.

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