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January 17, 2016
Website http://training-online.eu/
Language English
Domain age 2 years
Industry Services
Region of promotion Worldwide
Theme E-Learning Portal

Growth of the website positions in the google.com search engine.


The Training Online company provides the best of class e-learning educational services to SMB segment.

training-online.eu (google.com) January 17, 2016 December 7, 2016
1 e learning training platform 60 2 +58
2 e learning platform free 16 4 +12
3 e-learning platforms free 14 4 +10
4 free e learning platform software 14 5 +9
5 best free e learning platform 29 6 +23
6 e learning online platform 25 6 +19
7 e-learning platform cloud 23 7 +16
8 free web-based e learning platform 27 8 +19
9 e-learning software 42 10 +32
10 e learning platform software 77 12 +65

Semalt Expert opinion

Evaluation of a website promotion within the Auto SEO campaign.

Yana Shafarenko - Product Marketing Manager

While the Training Online company offers a truly unique product that has a chance to surpass the existing rivals, however, without a proper SEO promotion it would have been almost impossible for the website to get top ranking due to the recently increased competition in the elearning platforms field.

The client’s goal within the AutoSEO was to achieve top results in SERP for the most popular user queries (screen1). The company’s service is completely free and it does not require initial investments and monthly payments, so we completed and diversified the promoted set by adding the following keywords (screen2).

While the system was placing links to the relevant donor websites from our network, our SEO experts wrote the list of such internal error removal suggestions as:

- meta tags correction;

- removing external links that steal link mass from the website;

- concealing the non-informative pages;

- improving the website’s loading speed;

After partial implementation of the recommendations and active link building campaign (screen3) the website has considerably improved its visibility (screen4). Now, let us see how much the website rankings for the above-mentioned competitive queries have grown in search results (screen5).

The rankings of this project (screen6) confirm the need of websites with competitive subject in SEO promotion. There are several reasons for that:

- Free users get converted into paid customers more often, because they can easily find you via search engines;

- SEO optimization makes the website more influential than its rivals;

- Steady customer inflow growth every day.

The facts speak for themselves. A properly realized SEO strategy will cover the expenses and bring you new clients within months.

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