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Case www.tuzoltokeszulek.com

November 15, 2016
Website http://www.tuzoltokeszulek.com/
Language Hungarian
Domain age 1 year
Industry E-commerce
Region of promotion Hungary
Theme Fire Protection Online Store

Growth of the website positions in the google.hu search engine.


The company is specialized in fire protection equipment sale and installation in Hungary

tuzoltokeszulek.com (google.hu) November 15, 2016 April 21, 2018
1 t?zoltókészülék 2 1 +1
2 t?zoltó készülék tartó doboz 8 2 +6
3 fali t?zcsap 10 3 +7
4 t?zvédelmi biztonsági jelek 5 3 +2
5 t?zoltó készülék tábla 4 3 +1
6 poroltó hitelesítés 7 4 +3
7 t?zoltó készülék üzemeltetési napló 5 4 +1
8 biztonsági jel 11 4 +7
9 kijárat tábla 5 4 +1
10 t?zoltó töml?k 6 5 +1

Semalt Expert opinion

Evaluation of a website promotion within the Auto SEO campaign.

Yana Shafarenko - Product Marketing Manager

After a trial month, the client decided to use the long-term AutoSEO package to get ahead of the competitors and provide the web source with proper optimization. The fire protection equipment niche is quite narrow – according to our competitive analysis, there are few similar web sources in Hungary, however, most of them are aged authority websites. For the client’s new website, promoting keywords positions to the TOP was a vital part of keeping up with the competition and increasing sales.

During the trial month, our experts used a priority keyword (screen1) to create a selection of queries for backlinks placement.

After the campaign was extended, we also fixed the internal errors (hid non-informative error 404 web pages, wrote image alt tags for image search optimization, changed the meta tags according to the latest Google requirements) that were negatively affecting the website’s progress and its growth in SERP.

After these adjustments and over 1800 backlinks (screen2) placed to our Hungarian partner websites, the website saw many positive changes in SERP. The relevant keywords that had no SERP positions at all are now ranking on the first page of Google search results (screen3), the website’s visibility grew by 25% (screen4) and over 30 targeted keywords are featured in TOP 10 (screen5).

As you can see, promoting Hungarian projects is not a challenge to us, as we have plenty of Hungarian authority websites within our network. In all our previous cases, we kept mentioning that our system places backlinks only on the following relevant web sources:

- Partner websites that share similar subject with the client’s project;

- Partner websites of the same domain zone.

Although the Hungarian domain zone is quite specific, our unique technologies will allow us to move your website up the ranks and grow your profits.

Let’s launch an effective AutoSEO campaign that will help you attract
more clients and get more orders


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